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"An unreleased AAA multiplatform narrative-driven title by Supermassive Games."



Role & Responsibilities:

  • Active part of design team from pre-production for a multiplatform AAA title.

  • Wrote lore and background details for characters, collectibles, and histories.

  • Storyboarded, developed, and implemented player choices and outcomes.

  • Built and iterated on levels, puzzles, and cutscenes using Unreal Engine 5.

  • Designed and tested gameplay systems and interactions with Blueprints.

  • Implemented and tested gameplay, challenges, and player interactions.

  • Built and staged cinematics and motion capture with UE5 Sequences.

  • Collaborated with narrative designer to ensure franchise consistency.

  • Developed in-game secrets and their stories with narrative designer.

  • Converted storyboards from in-house tools to UE5 with GameFlow.

  • Proposed and documented pickups connected to major franchise.

  • Managed subtitles and documented information for localisation.

  • Proofreading and continuity-checking for original game script.

  • Supported motion capture team and actors in recording data.

  • Cooperated with QA and other designers to find and fix bugs.

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