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Three Heroes

"A narrative adventure about boys, girls, schools, and tabletop RPGs."



Three Heroes is a choice-based narrative ​game.  It was presented at the 2017 PC Gamer Weekender.

Dylan and Terry are halfway through planning their tabletop role-playing game's latest campaign in class when their old friend Chantelle has her diary confiscated.  Seeing an opportunity to learn why she left their group, the two embark on a daring plan to retrieve it.  Whether they learn the truth, or to respect her privacy, is all down to the choices you make.

The player can make several decisions over the course of the game.  Depending on the choices that they make, they will be led to one of four different endings.


Sam Rowett

Game Designer

Scenario Writer

3D Environment Artist

Andrew Eu

Scenario Writer

José D. Pavli


Louise Burton

Sound Designer

Johnny Walker


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