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Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Release Year: 2018

Genre: Political Management

Studio: Ludico (King's College London)
My Role: Game & Narrative Design

A political management game about navigating the complicated webs woven by lies, money, and a giant rampaging arachnid.  Keep order by implementing clever policies while balancing the peoples' trust against the nation's budget.



In Spider, players are cast as the newly-appointed Prime Minister of a fictitious nation and given the unenviable task of passing policies to deal with the destruction caused by a monstrous spider.


Every decision to implement, or reject, your advisors' policies will either affect the peoples' trust in you or the amount of money in the treasury.  Keep your country afloat without running out of either, lest order collapse entirely.

With a humorous but insightful approach to politics, Spider challenges players to consider a leader's responsibilities in the face of any crisis: be it a financial collapse, a global pandemic, or even an unstoppable, monstrous invertebrate.

Contributions & Responsibilities:

Pitched and developed project's design from pre-production to final release.

Wrote all narrative content, UI text and tooltips, game documentation.

Supported overall team management and organised playtest events.

Used Unity to assist the programmer with implementing mechanics.

Worked with the artist to develop the game's unique visual style.


Materials ​above used with the permission of Ludico and King's College London.

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