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Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Release Year: 2018

Genre: Visual Novel

Studio: Ludico (King's College London)
My Role: Game & Narrative Design

Take on the role of a defence lawyer to defend people in realistic situations, from speeding charges to accusations of theft.  Your clients are innocent, but can you prove that to the jury?



In Speedy Defence, the first title by King's College London's ground-breaking Ludico team, you take on the role of a defence attorney in cases inspired by real-world legal battles.


Study the facts carefully and present your case for the defence.  Convey the truth convincingly to sway the jury to your side, for only a majority ruling will save your client from a miscarriage of justice.

Contributions & Responsibilities:

Successfully led the project's design from pre-production to final release.

Wrote all narrative content, UI text and tooltips, game documentation.

Used Unity to assist the programmer with implementing mechanics.

Created the hand-drawn art assets for characters and environments.

Led research of the game's themes and designed cases accordingly.

Materials ​above used with the permission of Ludico and King's College London.

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