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space samurai survival

Platforms: Android

Release Year: 2016

Genre: Action

Studio: Independent

My Role: Game Design, 3D Artist

In the furthest reaches of space, a mechanical menace has risen to claim the stars.  As Asura, the space samurai, you stand as the last bastion against the robotic raiders.  The fight for humanity's survival can only last as long as you.

Space Samurai Survival is an action app game with survival elements.  Players take on the role of Asura, the titular space samurai, as she battles against an endless horde of robotic ronin.

Swipe across the screen to attack incoming enemies, earning points for each one felled.  The more you destroy, you more points you win — but be warned.  Though each foe will fall in a single hit, the same is true of you.

Fight for as long as you can to reach the top of the leader boards, and acquire special power-ups to help you in the fight against evil: from the unstoppable invincibility shield to the blazing blade that incinerates enemies from afar.

Contributions & Responsibilities:

Successfully led the project's design from pre-production to final release.

Used Unity engine ​and C# to develop and program project from scratch.

Worked with composer and sound designer to develop audio direction.

Organised playtesting sessions for feedback to support game iteration.

Used Autodesk Maya to create an animate all 3D art assets.

Team Credits:

  • Thibault Chavanis.  Composer.

  • Nigel Woodford.  Sound Designer.

Materials ​above used with the permission of the National Film and Television School.

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