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Ludico Quiz

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Release Year: 2019

Genre: City Builder/Quiz

Studio: Ludico (King's College London)
My Role: Game Design, UX Content

A unique combination of city-builder and quiz game.  Test your knowledge to earn points to spend on developing a city from tiny settlement to towering metropolis.  The better your score, the bigger you can build.


QA Quiz is a hybrid city-builder/quiz game developed for King's College London's Ludico Initiative, intended as an early showcase for how to integrate gameplay and learning into a digital experience.


In the game, players are presented with a number of questions and challenged to answer them correctly.  Doing so earns them points, which can be spent on upgrading their city; buying new buildings and upgrading existing ones.

As the city grows, so too does the potential point multiplier.  Continuing to answer questions correctly creates combo chains, allowing you to earn even more points.  Maximise your score to develop the biggest buildings in town!

Contributions & Responsibilities:

Supported director in project's design from pre-production to final release.

Led research of the game's questions and designed question progression.

Wrote all narrative content, UI text and tooltips, game documentation.

Used Unity to assist the programmer with implementing mechanics.

Worked with programmer to develop game's systems and scoring.

Materials ​above used with the permission of Ludico and King's College London.

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