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Lost Tales of the Ocean

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Release Year: 2009 (original), 2024 (re-release)

Genre: RPG

Studio: Independent
My Role: Game Design, Narrative Design, 2D Artist, Project Management

A classic-style roleplaying game.  In the wake of a magical storm, humans have begun to manifest mysterious powers.  As a jealous tyrant hunts them down, a young man named Veles must rise in rebellion or risk the end of his people.


Originally released in 2009, Netherworld Knights is an RPG inspired by the classic 16-bit era.  Travel the four distinct islands by land and sea as you recruit six unique heroes to topple a tyrant.

The Lost Tales of the Ocean release represents a complete remaster of the original game, featuring improved graphics, rebalanced gameplay, and hours of restored content to excite both new and returning players.

Contributions & Responsibilities:


Soft-launched an experimental adaptation of a major narrative-driven AAA title.


Tested and iterated gameplay, cutscenes, and interactions for new hardware.

Used Unreal Engine 4 to capture and convert content for new platforms.

Wrote and maintained UI/UX content and game style guide.
Documented project development with head producer.


Team Credits:

  • David Mang. Composer.

  • Annie Middleton. Character Designer (2009).

  • Ingrid Chan. Character Designer (2009).

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