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My Last Son

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Release Year: 2017

Genre: Side-Scroller

Studio: Independent

My Role: Game Design, 3D Artist

A side-scrolling ​narrative puzzle game.  When calamity strikes their home, a young mother must help her child escape to safety — fleeing from a terrible monster, and a terrible truth buried deep within the past.

My Last Son is a vertical slice of a silent narrative puzzle game.  It was inspired by traditional African art, especially from the Yoruba people, and the theories of psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.  It was presented at EGX 2017.

When a young mother loses her child, she embarks on a journey to lay his body to rest.  All the while, she is hounded by a monstrous entity that feeds on her despair.


The first chapter of the game was developed as a vertical slice at the National Film and Television School.

Contributions & Responsibilities:

Successfully led the project's design from pre-production to final release.

Used Unity engine and C# to build the game's mechanics and systems.

Worked with art director to develop game's narrative and direction.

Researched and implemented cultural influences with art team.

Led promotional showcasing of the game at EGX 2016.

Team Credits:

  • Peter Coulthard.  Art Director.

  • Josephine Copeland.  Producer.

  • Stefano Fasce.  Composer.

  • Sean McCarrity.  Sound Designer.

  • Roz Grégoire.  Production Design.

  • Xanthe Bodhington.  Titles.

  • Alex Chronopolous.  Marketing.

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