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King's Treasure Hunt

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Release Year: 2020

Genre: Quiz

Studio: Ludico (King's College London)
My Role: Game & Narrative Design

An online-only game that ran in 2020.  In this limited-time event, players were challenged to prove their knowledge of London's secrets, landmarks, and historical events in order to win the ultimate prize.

grab1 (1).PNG


King's Treasure Hunt was an exploration game developed for King's College London, and was playable for students from September-October 2020.


This virtual treasure hunt took players across the capital, challenging them to solve clues, explore the city, and piece together the information they uncovered to win a grand prize at the end.

Contributions & Responsibilities:

Successfully led the project's design from pre-production to final release.

Led research of the game's themes and designed questions accordingly.

Wrote all narrative content, UI text and tooltips, game documentation.

Materials ​above used with the permission of Ludico and King's College London.

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