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"A retro tactics game about a gay princess and her big fluffy dog."


A retro tactics experience for those new to the genre.

Follow Princess Freya on an epic quest to save their city from the evil Kingdom of Oberon.  Along the way, she'll make incredible friends, challenge the might of an empire, and unlock the mystery behind the legendary Bright Blades!

Bright Blades is a turn-based tactics game made especially for newcomers.  Each map has a unique objective, from defeating enemies to rescuing prisoners or closing portals to the underworld.

With over 30 levels, retro aesthetic, and soundtrack by Johnathan Johnson (composer of Brilliant Shadows and Women of Xal) Bright Blades is a unique strategy RPG where all players are welcome.

And, yes, you can pet the dog!


Sam Rowett

Game Designer

Scenario Writer

2D Artist

Character Designer

Scenario Editor

Portrait Artist

Portrait Artist

2D Artist

Script Proofreader

Daniela Edwards

Script Proofreader

Mona Urban

Script Proofreader

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