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Bright Blades

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Release Year: 2022

Genre: Strategy RPG

Studio: Independent
My Role: Game Design, Narrative Design, 2D Artist, Project Management

A retro-style fantasy tactics game.  Join Princess Freya and her faithful dog Baldur across more than 30 unique levels as they battle to save their city and end a millennium of war (and, yes, you can pet the dog).


Bright Blades is a tactical epic for genre newcomers and veteran players alike.  In classic style turn-based tactics gameplay, you'll recruit over 20 freedom fighters to liberate the city of Titania from the evil Kingdom of Oberon.

Seize victory across more than 30 minute battlefields by using the diverse skills of your units to defend villages, capture enemy fortresses, and even explore the ancient ruins of a time when gods walked the earth.

With a bright and colourful 2D world brought to life by the timeless music of Johnathan Johnson (Brilliant ShadowsWomen of Xal), Bright Blades is a spirited fantasy adventure that anyone can enjoy.

Contributions & Responsibilities:

Led and developed project's design from pre-production to final release.

Wrote all narrative content, UI text and tooltips, game documentation.

Designed all units, maps, mechanics, environments, and collectables.

Worked with editors and artists to develop style and ensure quality.

Organised playtesting sessions to improve and iterate on quality.

Team Credits:

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